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The R129Shop

The last couple of years the question for the Mercedes SL R129 has risen enormously and therefore the demand for R129 parts as well. You are welcome to visit the R129Shop for both new and used parts. In addition of selling parts we are specialized in repairing the R129. We can repair motor related malfunctions, as well as electronic and hydraulic malfunctions.
Used R129 parts can have different signs of wear than shown in the pictures. We offer the possibility to change used parts. This means that you send your defected part to us and we will ship an overhauled part to you. We can not give warranty on electronical parts. If you are having doubts about your problem it is better to contact us so we can advise you about the parts.
If you have questions or want to make an appointment, please feel free to contact us.

Passion for Oldtimers

Tell me what is more comfortable than driving your convirtible with nice weather! Well driving a convirtible of increadible reliable brand like the Mercedes SL R129. The prodessesor of the R129 was the W107,  this was a nice model but very basic. The R129was introduced in 1989 at the fair of Geneve.
The R129 was a real tour de force for its time and ahaed of its time as well. All electrical gadgets were an enormous luxury, the demand for the R129 was so high, that even Mercedes could not keep up with production and the waiting lists were up to a year! The lucky few who possed the car within reasonable time, could sell the SL directly with a profit of 5000 Deutsche Mark!


Mercedes Star Grill A1298880286

200,00 Incl. BTW

Stuurhuis gereviseerd A1294603601

Steering rack overhauled A1294603601

350,00 Incl. BTW

Front bumper 1st series A1298801470

Front bumper 2nd serie A1298801470


Heating fan Mercedes SL R129

Heating fan Mercedes SL R129



Glass left tail light A1298203366


The R129 Shop

Our love for Mercedes Benz started more than a decade ago. The beautiful lines, the chrome and espessially the technique in which Mercedes Benz was progressive for years drew our attention. After a decade of experience in selling and repairing Mercedes Oldtimers, with our company Mercedes Oldtimers Bladel it was the R129 that arroused interest. 
Obviously the R129 is a beautiful and timeless car, but also the technique of the R129 is on point.

De R129 is natuurlijk een prachtige tijdloze auto, maar ook de techniek van de R129 vonden wij bijzonder interessant.

Original parts of high quality

All R129 parts are carefully studied and tested by us. Almost all R129 parts are original. The after market parts are very selectively chosen by us! Only very high quality and every part is tested by us in our workshop. We only want the best for your R129!

Easy to order

R129 parts are very easy to order in our webshop. The payment is done trough our payment system. Warranty questions will be handeld by email. If you live in the Netherlands it is also possible to pick up your order at our workshop.

Fast delivery

We strive to deliver your order as quickly as possible! We ship your pakkage within 3 workdays. If your shipment is delayed we will keep you posted by email.