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Our love for Mercedes Benz started more than a decade ago. The beautiful lines, the chrome and especially the technique in which Mercedes Benz was progressive for years drew our attention. After a decade of experience in selling and repairing Mercedes Oldtimers, with our company Mercedes Oldtimers Bladel it was the R129 that arroused interest. 

Obviously the R129 is a beautiful and timeless car, but also the technique of the R129 is on point.The last couple of years the question for the Mercedes SL R129 has risen enormously and therefor the demand for R129 parts as well.

Tell me what is more comfortable than driving your convirtible with nice weather! Well driving a convirtible of an increadible reliable brand like the Mercedes SL R129. The prodessesor of the R129 was the W107,  this was a nice model but very basic. The R129 was introduced in 1989 at the fair of Geneve.

The R129 was a real tour de force for its time and ahaed of its time as well. All electrical gadgets were an enormous luxury, the demand for the R129 was so high, that even Mercedes could not keep up with production and the waiting lists were up to a year! The lucky few who got the car within reasonable time, could sell the SL directly with a profit of 5000 Deutsche Mark!


“I bought a car from Rene van Liemde, a Mercedes cabrio 300sl 129. My dream came true. the small malfunctions were professionaly repaired with a smile, without no additional costs for me! Are there still very honest people left, that treat there customers with respect an do not abandon them? A very honest oparation and service. A reccomandation for them who want to buy a second hand vehicle. Thank you very much from an Oldtimer customer.” Referentie via 2ehands.be
“Incredible good technician! I had a so called “christmas tree” at my dashboard of my 500SL, this means all the lights were flikkering. Rene fixed it really nice for a fair price. But my biggest concern was that the softtop could not close anymore. For the same price he fixed that as well. R129 owners, golden tip: go to Rene!!”
“Hello dear oldtimer lovers, its Poriau from Lierde. A year ago I bought a W140 600V12 at Renee. It had a few malfunctions here and there, but he fixed it very proffesionaly . He also replaced the wiring harnas and now it drives perfect! Yes he knows his profession, I hope that I can stop by the R129shop for a long time! So if you think you want to buy an oldtimer, definitely stop by Renee. He is a calm and competent craftsman. Greetings” Referentie via 2ehands.be
“I have bought an 300SL 24 and had some problems with opening the roof after just a few days of driving. Rene van Liemde fixed my problem professional and for free. There should be more merchants lijke him, a big tums up. Bob van Cant”