Original headlights

As you can see in our assortment we sell headlights for the R129. The headlights we offer are original headlights from Automotive Lightning. The same factory that delivers to Mercedes Benz. This used to be Hella and Bosch, but the past couple of years Automotive Lighting is the main supplier of Mercedes. Our headlights are equipped with all the lights, so ready to be used.


When you buy these headlights straight from Mercedes you pay €612,50 With us you have an advantage of €312,55 per piece. Because you pay only €299,95 in our shop. We can offer this price because we buy them directly from Automotive lightning.

Right traffic

The R129 Headlights we sell are only meant for right traffic. Countries like England, Australia and Japan are left traffic. You can put right traffic headlights in cars from the USA or left traffic cars as well, because the fitting is the same. It is not enough to only transfer the glass when you want to make a right traffic headlight from your left traffic headlight. It has to be completely replaced to work properly.

USA headlights

With USA headlights, the city lights (small light) are located in the blinkers. If you want to adapt your headlights to European guidelines, you can do that by moving 1 wire from the plug of the blinker to the plug of the headlights.

The colors of the wire are:

  • Right grey/red wire
  • Left grey/black wire

Hight adjustment

Our headlights are delivered without hight adjustment, but this can be easily transferred from your old headlights. In our new headlights there is a cap that can be removed. First remove the blind cap (step 1) and then turn the hight adjustment (step 2) The blind cap wil slowly come out. Then you transfer the vacuum jar and then you tighten the hight adjustment again.

If you have any questions please contact us!