Replacing the softtop

The ultimate convertible !

Obviously one of the most important features of the SL is the roof! Probably also the reason you own this beautiful car. Because name something more enjoyable that driving your car with the roof open! But unfortunately the weather, time and UV lighting make that the roof (sometimes literally) becomes exhausted.

In 1989 the very first Mercedes SL R129 was produced this is already 33 years ago. Not so crazy that the softtops from some of these cars are seriously worn out.

Different types of wear

The most known types of wear on the softtop are:

  • The material is thin
  • The fabric is pulverized
  • The roof has signs of wear
  • The fabric is discolored
  • The windows are broken

Only the best materials

The past couple of years we have specialized in replacing the softtops of the Mercedes SL R129. We only deliver softtops from high end material in almost any colour.

Replacing the softtop

The softtop of the R129 is made out of 2 parts: The roof and the backside where the windows are located. This makes it a complex roof to replace. When one part is not completely in the right place, then it is impossible to tighten the other part.

7 Steps to replace the softtop

  1. We start by removing the old roof
  2. We eliminate the glue rests on the frame
  3. We check the tension cables and if necessary replace them or tension them again
  4. We assemble the rear part and glue the three windows
  5. We assemble the roof part by gluing it
  6. We install all window rubbers
  7. We put the roof liner back

When the roof liner has holes or mold spots we occasionally replace the roof liner.

After mounting

After replacing the softtop we advice to keep the roof closed for at least one week. When you open the roof sooner, then there is a chance that the roof can not be closed because of the high tension of softtop. Further we advice you to wet the roof, by yourself or by rain. This gives the roof the time to set and relax. This wil make sure that your roof wil fit more beautiful.

Winter storage

Finally we have one good tip how to keep your roof in the best condition.

Most SL owners will put their car in winter storage with the hardtop on. This looks like an obvious choice when you do not use the car. But for the softtop it is better to keep the softtop closed. By doing so the fabric will be kept in the best shape and will be kept tight. This will give you many more years to enjoy your new roof.

Do you want to make an appointment to replace your softtop? You can contact us here!